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I have a WPF Tab Control..

i am adding tabs in that TabControl dynamically

Now i want to give a Close Button in every Tab of Tab Control..

So please tell me hopw to add Close button in that Tab Control..

Code for adding tab

private void AddTab(ITabbedMDI mdiChild)
       if (_mdiChildren.ContainsKey(mdiChild.UniqueTabName))
            //user control is already opened in tab. 
            //So set focus to the tab item where the control hosted
            foreach (object item in tcMdi.Items)
                TabItem ti = (TabItem)item;
                if (ti.Name == mdiChild.UniqueTabName)
                    ucChildLoc = (UserControl)mdiChild;
                    //tcMdi.Width = this.ucChildLoc.Width;
                    //tcMdi.Height = this.ucChildLoc.Height;

Code for Closing tab

private void CloseTab(ITabbedMDI tab, EventArgs e)
        TabItem ti = null;
        foreach(TabItem item in tcMdi.Items)
            if (tab.UniqueTabName == ((ITabbedMDI)item.Content).UniqueTabName)
                ti = item;
        if (ti != null)

I am using TabControl of this article


Thanks in Advance..

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I found this useful - fabtab.codeplex.com –  SyntaxGoonoo Nov 25 '14 at 2:48

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TabControl does not provide the ability to close TabItems.

You could add a 'x' button and set the visibility to Collapsed / Hidden as a hack.

OR You could look at XamTabControl by Infragistics or any other vendor product which does support closing of Tabs.

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How to add 'X' button in Tab –  Avinash Singh Nov 19 '12 at 13:35

if you make the tab control as a custom control and inherit the functionality from tab control and then add close button and handle its events then it can work

    <UserControl x:Class="CloseableHeader"
  d:DesignHeight="23" d:DesignWidth="81" Margin="0">
  <Button Content="X"  Height="19" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,3,4,0" 
      Name="button_close" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="20" FontFamily="Courier" 
      FontWeight="Bold" Style="{StaticResource {x:Static ToolBar.ButtonStyleKey}}" 
      FontStretch="Normal" Visibility="Visible" 
      FontSize="14" Padding="0" ToolTip="Close"/>
  <Label Content="TabItem"  Height="23" HorizontalAlignment="Left" 
      Margin="4,1,0,0" Name="label_TabTitle" VerticalAlignment="Top" 
      FontFamily="Courier" FontSize="12" />

    class ClosableTab : TabItem
        // Constructor
      public ClosableTab()
         // Create an instance of the usercontrol
         closableTabHeader = new CloseableHeader();
         // Assign the usercontrol to the tab header
         this.Header = closableTabHeader;

see in this article for details http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/84213/How-to-add-a-Close-button-to-a-WPF-TabItem this might be helpful

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