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I'm trying to use Lightbox2 on a page that I have a WebGL canvas on.

So my canvas loads random images dynamically and I want to have it so that when the user double clicks on an image, it pops up with an effect like Lightbox2 has.

Right now, I have it so that when the double click event gets fired, it posts the url to the image into the console. I want to either pull from cache or re-download the image (not ideal) and display it within the Lightbox2 pop up. Then, when the user's done looking at it, they can close it and go back to viewing the canvas.

Does anyone know how I can do this?


Edit: Here's a link to Lightbox2 if anyone wanted to see it

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So you download image(now it is accessible by your JavaScript code) and upload it in to the GPU with webgl API but then you want to use this image in your html-css-javascript code? I can't see any problem here –  JAre Nov 19 '12 at 7:58
IF you have some problem with data source(like if light box API receive images only from url) then you can use "Data URI" but be aware of image size limitation. –  JAre Nov 19 '12 at 8:22
I'm not sure I understand you guys well, I'm very new to web programming... Is there a tutorial or something I can follow on what you're talking about? –  Hebron George Nov 19 '12 at 17:31

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