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Need advice because I am new to programming, I am making simple multiplayer game (clients are mobile phones and I have C++ code) and I am writing server side using Tornado/Python 2.7. I have defined Python class on server to define player and so on ... My question is when user login via google

class GoogleHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler, tornado.auth.GoogleMixin):
    def get(self):
        if self.get_argument("openid.mode", None):

    def _on_auth(self, user):
        if not user:
            raise tornado.web.HTTPError(500, "Google auth failed")
        self.set_secure_cookie("user", tornado.escape.json_encode(user))

class Player(Document):

    def __init__(self, t):
        self._token = t
        self._connection = None

how to take that connection and put in Player class, so I can later broadcast messages to all users on that game ( only 3 users can play one game, on server can be lot of games at the moment ). I can am using HTTP request to login and I need persistent HTTP so I can broadcast messages between three players ( to clarify: three players had login and play game, when one send message to server I need to broadcast that message to other two). Can somebody help with advice how to do this ?

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I think you should make an domain process. When you get a message with a groupid, you send it to the client(s), then show this message to user.

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