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I am creating a new controller provider that I will use across several projects, and I need to have a couple of twig templates inside the directory of this controller provider for use in some of the routes of that provider. I want to avoid having to copy all the template files into the project directory for every project that is going to use this controller provider (to have it under the twig.path specified directory), so my question is this:

How can I render a template that is not located under the twig.path directory? Can I tell the twig service provider to render a specific path, like __DIR__.'/views/some.template.twig' in the controller provider file?

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You can access twig loader by using $app['twig.loader.filesystem'].

For example, put this in your controller class in connect method


There are also exists Twig_Loader_Filesystem::prependPath()

You can also specify namespace for paths. To do this just add name of namespace as second parameter, 'NAMESPACE', for instance. In that case you can access your templates by $app['twig']->render('@NAMESPACE/pathToATemplate'); Note @-char before namespace when you render it.

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Something like this should work

$app['twig'] = $app->share($app->extend('twig', function($twig) use ($yourNewPath) {
    $twig->addLoader(new \Twig_Loader_Filesystem($yourNewPath));
    return $twig;
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