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I have my system configuration on live server of Joyent

Sun Solaris 11
Ram 8 GB
HD 240 GB
VM 16 GB

I have already installed Java 1.6.0 on my server machine and i am running my Ruby on rails application on server.

For application i am using,

Ruby 1.9.2p180 
Rails 3.0.5 
Phusion Passenger version 3.0.13

It's not running fine and my application shut down periodically Passenger Shut Down Issue.

I think RJB(Ruby Java Bridge) is not compatible with Java 1.6.0. So i want to downgrade my java version to Java 1.5.0.

How can i downgrade it?

Does it effect to my application?

Somebody please help. Thanks in advance.

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Normally, you install the version of Java you want to use and make sure it is the one in your PATH. Note: Java 6 is about to be end of line so I would look at ways to upgrade. – Peter Lawrey Nov 19 '12 at 8:22
Why do you not try to uninstall the 1.6 and install 1.5? I think this change will not effect your application because your it need java 1.5 – Festus Tamakloe Nov 19 '12 at 8:24
"you install the version of Java you want to use and make sure it is the one in your PATH" – Peter Lawrey Nov 19 '12 at 8:31
@SumitMunot The installation is quite easy To avoid risks because of your live server. Please check first whether any other application running on the server depends of 1.6 – Festus Tamakloe Nov 19 '12 at 8:38
If you don't want to alter the existing system, you can unpack Java as a sub-directory. I always do this in any case and I don't much advantage to installing it into the OS. – Peter Lawrey Nov 19 '12 at 8:40

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You do not have to uninstall, simply install 1.5.0 (if you can get it it) and create a JAVA_HOME variable in the environment to point to 1.5.0 - Putting it in PATH may mess up other code, I do not know what you have running.

Comment: something else is really not right. The current version from oracle of the JDK and JRE is 1.7xxx which might be a better choice if in fact java version is the problem at all.

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Thanks but if my jdk 1.5 is not working can i revert back to the previous version which i already have. – Sumit Munot Nov 20 '12 at 4:40
Do not use JAVA_HOME, unset the variable. I think you probably need 1.7. Each java install goes into a separate subdirectory, so installing a new version breaks nothing if you do not change the existing PATH variable. JAVA_HOME is only used to circumvent the PATH setting. So you can use several different versions, on a per app basis. – jim mcnamara Nov 20 '12 at 12:56

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