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In QLineEdit objects I can set a RegExp validator like this:

validator = QtGui.QRegExpValidator(QtCore.QRegExp("\d{11}"), lineedit)

How can I set a similar validator when I edit a cell on a QTableView?

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By subclassing QStyledItemDelegate and reimplementing the createEditor method:

class ValidatedItemDelegate(QtGui.QStyledItemDelegate):
    def createEditor(self, widget, option, index):
        if not index.isValid():
            return 0
        if index.column() == 0: #only on the cells in the first column
            editor = QtGui.QLineEdit(widget)
            validator = QtGui.QRegExpValidator(QtCore.QRegExp("\d{11}"), editor)
            return editor
        return super(ValidatedItemDelegate, self).createEditor(widget, option, index)

Then you can set the validator like this:

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