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var $field = $(this);
            if ($'input')) {
                if ($field.attr('type') == 'checkbox') {
                    if ($field.attr('value') == "true")
                        return $field.attr('checked');

                return $field.val();

I want to check if value of checkbox is true i add attribute checked = checked for checkbox. but my code is wrong. please help me.thanks

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Can you give more context? It is not clear where "this" is. – ChaosPandion Aug 28 '09 at 4:24

You can use the :checked selector to greatly help with this.

var $field = $(this);
return $':checked');

This will return a proper bool. If you return the attr('checked') or the val(), you'll end up with a string, which is probably not what you want.


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Change the condition to

$("input:checkbox").val() == "true"

and for checking the checkbox you can use

$("input:checkbox").attr ( "checked" , true );

You can select a checkbox using


and value using


If you want to check all the checkboxes with attribute value true then you can use

$(document).ready ( function ()
    		var checkBoxes = $("input:checkbox");			
    		checkBoxes.each ( function () {
    		    if ( $(this).val() == "true" )
    			    $(this).attr ( "checked" , true );
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will return true for checked and undefined for unchecked

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will return "checked" if checked (not true), "undefined" if not checked.

If you want a true/false then you have to do something like this:

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