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I have to map a REST Webservice URL like "http://server:8080/application/service/customer/v1" to createCustomer method in CreateCustomerBean class..

I have done the following mappings..


<jaxrs:server address="/customer/"
<ref bean="CreateCustomerBean"/>

Now the problem is the remaining path of the url("http://server:8080/application/service/customer/v1") is v1 rest all is mapped and i have to specify 2 @Path attributes one at the CreateCustomerBean class level and one at the createCustomer method in that bean.. so i have to append "create" before v1 .. and the url becomes

@Path (/create/)



createClient(String request){ }


http://server%3A8080/application/service/customer/create/v1/ which i dont want.. is there any way to avoid the @Path attribute at the class level and direct all the request to the createCustomer method.

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In you code you can re-write code like this

@Path ("/v1")


createClient(String request){ }


As long as you specify the POST attribute all the post request should be re-directed to the respective method.

Hope it helps. Cheers

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