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I am having a file upload control in my page. I want to get the full path of the uploaded file by javascript. i have written


It is showing the full path in IE but in mozilla 3.5 it is showing only the filename not the path.

So how to solve this problem ?

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Can you be more specific on your requirement? –  rahul Aug 28 '09 at 4:45

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This will be a security issue. Reading the file path of the client machine is not a good idea and won't be allowed by most of the browsers.

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Firefox doesn't let you see the path to the file by default - apparently there is a workaround for it but it requires the user to go to about:config and change a setting, which let's face it, ain't going to happen most of the time.

If you absolutely need this (I can't see why though) then you could look at using Flash as a cross-browser alternative, google for Flash and file uploads.

Otherwise, you'll need to work with the limitation here (which in my mind is a very good one!)

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which setting we have to change for that in Firefox ? –  Devi Aug 28 '09 at 4:41
You can't alter settings to a client browser from your web application. –  rahul Aug 28 '09 at 4:42
No i don't want to do that but i only want to know :) –  Devi Aug 28 '09 at 4:43
I'm pretty sure you can't get the file path from Flash either - the file upload security sandbox prevents anything more than getting a handle to the bytestream which the user selected through a closed dialog. –  Rex M Aug 28 '09 at 4:51
but i have write a demo which i can show it to someone so i can adjust with any approach coz this thing will not get published anyway. –  Devi Aug 28 '09 at 4:53

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