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In iOS 6's Mail app there is a "release to refresh" animation that looks like a chewing gum or rubber being pulled then released. Anybody know how to replicate drawing of this control using Core Graphics?

The background is I'd like to replicate this behavior on a mac and there isn't any equivalent of UIRefreshControl in Mountain Lion.

Note: this is a continuation to iOS 6 - How can I get the "release to refresh" animation thing? like in mail?

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Looks like two circles connected by a pair of bezier paths to me. Vary the circles size and the bend in the side paths and shrink the image of the refresh arrow according to the "stretch". –  Warren Burton Nov 19 '12 at 10:09
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I haven't found any implementation of UIRefreshControl (or equivalent) for Mountain Lion at this moment. However, there are implementations of equivalent controls for iOS 4 and iOS 5 (because those systems doesn't have UIRefreshControl). So you can try doing a port of those codes to OSX.

I have found 2 projects on github:



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SlimeRefresh looks promising. Anyway in the meantime I've decided to use a circular determinate progress indicator instead: Pull to refresh that goes both ways. –  adib Dec 7 '12 at 3:33
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