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I am using ASPPDF active x component. I have already create a pdf document from ASP. But the content of this pdf is only simple text. How I can convert asp variable, that contains html tags, to pdf document?

here is my code

Set Pdf = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Pdf")                
Set Doc = Pdf.CreateDocument                    
Doc.Title = "Mi primer documento PDF"
Doc.Creator = ""                    
Set Page  = Doc.Pages.Add                   
Set Font =  Doc.Fonts("Helvetica")          
Params = "x=0; y=650; width=612; alignment=center;  size=10"                    
Page.Canvas.DrawText "pdf text", Params, Font 'can I put asp variable instead of "pdf      text"?                   
Filename = Doc.Save( Server.MapPath("salida\archivo.pdf"), False  )                 
Response.Write "Enhorabuena! Descarga tu primer <A HREF=salida/" &  Filename &  ">archivo  PDF</A>"
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I have the same thing running on my server. The guide that comes with it requires you to use Doc.ImportFromUrl but that will need an full reference to the ASP page. So....

1) Create your ASP page and layout your page with SQL and bindings if required. I use this with a QueryString parameter as I only want to reference one value to create the example is based around creating an invoice.

2) In a "different folder" to your ASP page run the ASPPDF script in a page

3) Ensure you have a full reference to the path e.g.

This should help:

Set Pdf = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Pdf")
Set Doc = Pdf.CreateDocument
' A4 paper size - if US required remove/comment the line below.
Set Page = Doc.Pages.Add(595.3, 841.9) 
Doc.ImportFromUrl "" & Request.QueryString("valueID")

Filename = Doc.Save( Server.MapPath("quotation.pdf"), False ) 
    'Response.Write "Success! Download your PDF file <A HREF="Filename & ">here</A>


That works for me anyway!

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