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I would like to access the Grails ConfigObject from within a static method and I tried to follow this article: http://burtbeckwith.com/blog/?p=1017

The solution suggests to create a custom Application Context holder using a singleton class and register that in the beans list (resources.groovy).

The singleton class should have a private attribute of type ApplicationContext that should be initialized by the setApplicationContext method but it looks like that never happens.

How can I set ApplicationContext in my singleton class instance?

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It depends when you are trying to access it - if your static method is called before the grailsApplication has been fully set up then it may not yet have been injected. Try using grails.util.Holders (the non-deprecated replacement for ApplicationHolder et al) or try the "domain class trick"

new MyDomainObject().getDomainClass().grailsApplication.config
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Ian, thanks for the reply. I didn't know about the Holders class. Can you provide an example on how to use that to retrieve the ConfigObject? –  Fabrizio D'Ammassa Nov 19 '12 at 9:40
@FabrizioD'Ammassa just say Holders.config where you would previously have used ConfigurationHolder.config. –  Ian Roberts Nov 19 '12 at 10:18

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