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I have a problem about the red5 room,when I enter a room it will trigger the appDisconnect that,when I close the browser,it just trigger the roomDisconnect, so I can't get the time that when the user exit the system,I just can't get when him left the room. does somebody
have this issue?and how to do it ? thank you

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roomDisconnect does not exist :) I guess you mean

public void roomLeave(IClient client, IScope room) { ... }

the Event roomLeave will give you basically the same information compared to appDisconnect. In fact a user can't leave the room without disconnecting. And disconnecting cannot happen without leaving the room.

It is just a matter of the time when the events are thrown. roomLeave is called before appDisconnect.

However we had the same issues with appDiconnect not being called sometimes. The is why I changed everyting to use roomLeave. And meanwhile I think roomLeave also makes more sense as at the moment when roomLeave is called you can still access the users IConnection and read some values from it. While at "appDisconnect" I think the IConnection of the user is already gone.


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thank you for you answer, yes ,While at "appDisconnect" I think the IConnection of the user is already gone. so I can't get the user info ,and then it will appear many wrong.I don't know why the appDisconnect while I enter a room – gumliron Nov 23 '12 at 3:34
so why not simply use roomLeave event and forget about appDisconnect ? – seba.wagner Nov 23 '12 at 3:41

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