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Is there a way to access the whole data array/object (which contains all the data form input fields etc) before sending it to the server with Form.Request? I know there is the extraData option which allows you to pass in other data, but I would like to access the actual form data and to some manipulation with it.

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Before being sent to the server? I'm not entirely sure, the send method attached to Form.Request sends in the form itself, and the data, but this is probably after the request has already been fired off.

I tend not to use Form.Request, precisely because I have to do these form manipulations and such.

Instead of using a Form.Request Class, I simply iterate through the form's inputs as necessary.


<form id="foobar">
    <input type="text" id="lorem" />
    <select id="ipsum">
    var formValues ='foobar').getElements('input, select');
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