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I want to use tycho in order to test my eclipse plugins. My test class just lists all the installed bundles for the first time. I have experimented with building and installing bundles. Now I need to start the framework without my experimental bundles, but I do not manage this. The list still comprises all the bundles I have ever installed.

My eclipse-test-plugin module uses tycho-surefire-plugin which is configured with <appArgLine>-clean</appArgLine>.

I have hoped to launch the OSGi framework without any cached data, old not used bundles etc. I have also tried with <argLine>-Dosgi.clean=true</argLine> but did not succeed. I look for something like "Clean the configuartion area before launching" in eclipse settings.

I have got a feeling I miss something elementary and essential.

Thanks a lot!

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If you call Tycho with something that involves the clean lifecycle of Maven, e.g. mvn clean verify, the tests will be executed in a fresh Equinox runtime.

So if you are still seeing your "experimental bundles" in the test runtime, this is because your test has a dependency to them. The test runtime by default contains exactly your test bundle and all its transitive dependencies.

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Yes, thanks a lot! I really had some unnecessary dependencies. – Anna Nov 19 '12 at 10:31

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