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I have a table in my DB that has my Product information. this table has a tree structure (each record has a ParentId field to refer to its upper level record, it has 5 levels). I have a view on this table. in this view I have joined my Product table to itself several times to have my product and its grouping information on higher level all in one row. now I want to update row on the grid connected to my view (no Insert/Delete). I get this error: " row cannot be located for updating. some values may have been changed since it was last read I think this is because SQL cant find the primary field in my view. I tried to use Instead Of Update trigger but it seems the error occurs before the execution of the trigger. does anyone have any suggestion? this is my view:

SELECT      _Class.PartId AS ClassId,
    _Class.ParentId AS ClassParentId,
    _Class.PartCode AS ClassCode,
    _Class.PartName AS ClassName,

    _Group.PartId AS GroupId,
    _Group.ParentId AS GroupParentId,
    _Group.PartCode AS GroupCode,
    _Group.PartName AS GroupName,

    _Category.PartId AS CategoryId,
    _Category.ParentId AS CategoryParentId,
    _Category.PartCode AS CategoryCode,
    _Category.PartName AS CategoryName,

    _Part.PartId AS PartId,
    _Part.ParentId AS PartParentId,
    _Part.PartCode AS PartCode,
    _Part.PartName AS PartName,

    _Brand.PartId AS BrandId,
    _Brand.ParentId AS BrandParentId,
    _Brand.PartCode AS BrandCode,
    _Brand.PartName AS BrandName,

    _Brand.[P/N] AS [P/N],
    _Brand.KindId AS KindId,
FROM    prt_Part AS _Class INNER JOIN
prt_Part AS _Group ON _Class.PartId = _Group.ParentId INNER JOIN
prt_Part AS _Category ON _Group.PartId = _Category.ParentId INNER JOIN
prt_Part AS _Part ON _Category.PartId = _Part.ParentId INNER JOIN
prt_Part AS _Brand ON _Part.PartId = _Brand.ParentId
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The question is not so clear. You might want to give more information like the query etc. –  Omid Nov 19 '12 at 10:17
I doubt you'll be able to update your view if you are making joins, you'll need to update the table itself and then refresh the view. –  DaveRlz Nov 19 '12 at 11:10

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