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At the moment I'm receiving messages which are signed with a certificate. So far so good. However the certificate contains an attribute PSEUDONYM. Now the Java runtime doesn't accept it. I get an IO Exception. (When I remove the PSEUDONYM exception is gone ) Does anybody know you to validate these messages as i'm sure that attribute PSEUDONYM is allowed. C=DE,O=InfoCompany,OU=SoftwareMe,CN=SIGNER,SERIALNUMBER=1,PSEUDONYM=SIGNER

Any ideas how to change the default java validation to allow the PSEUDONYM tag?

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bouncycastle? Since maybe java don't support this attribute, you could change to a 3rd party implementation. –  infgeoax Nov 19 '12 at 10:49
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Using constructor X500Principal(String name, Map<String,String> keywordMap) allows you to specify custom RDNs in keywordMap. The map's key is a RDN name and the value is a string representation of OID. See Java documentation for details.

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