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I'm developing an iOS application with latest Xcode 4.5.2.

I have the following folder structure:


If in my header files I add this:

#include "header1.h"

I get a "header1.h" not found error.

But, if I add:

#include "PVRT/header1.h"

I get a "header2.h" not found.

On project settings I have add the following path:


But I'm getting the same error.

How can I fix this?

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Adjust "Header Search Path" values in build settings of target & set according to your project's header file paths. Hope it may solve your problem.

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In the 'Build settings' of your target, search for 'Header Search Paths'. In the highest field (so before 'Debug' and 'Release') type in the following line:


This will add your entire source directory to the header search path. You can always expand the path if you want to include specific folders.

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