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While ago I asked a question about how to execute dynamic SQL statement across all database in a specific instances. The answer was to use sp_MSForEachDB.

Now, I am facing another issue and need to executed the statement across all database in all instances that I have.

We have a vb script that is doing this, but I hope for a tsql solution.

Has anyone done this?

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Have you considered using SQL Multi script from Red Gate. You can select all your databases and execute your sql in all of them and save the selection as a preset so you can use it again and again. You can also have multiple of these sets.

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You could set up multi-server administration that pushes a job using sp_MSForEachDB to all the servers you control.

I documented a list of multi-server requirements on my site mssqlforum in case you want to set up multi-server administration.

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Thanks but I am looking for sample solutions - that means without creating or setting additional settings. Only for select statement that I could executed. – gotqn Nov 21 '12 at 14:19
Well, the adding of sp_MSForEachDB woudl do that, but it wouldn't work across servers. I doubt you'd find a way to get that done without having to touch some form of configuration (i.e. linked servers) – SchmitzIT Nov 21 '12 at 14:35

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