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I need to know if there is any task activated in the task List While adding files for Git staging?


The idea i am looking for is, while doing staging of files, I need to identify if there is an selected task by code from the Git StagingView class?

Any ideas?

Mylyn functionality

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If you want to see the active task without having the Task List view open, you can enable the task window trim. Go to Window/Preferences/Mylyn/Tasks and check "Show active task on window trim".

Other than that, Mylyn will fill in the commit message in the Git Staging view if it's empty every time a refresh happens on the repository and a task is active.

Edit: For programmatic access, have a look at the org.eclipe.mylyn.tasks.ui plug-in. The class TasksUi serves as an entry point, giving you access to all high-level task API classes. What you are looking for is found in ITaskActivityManager:

   ITaskActivityManager activityManager = TasksUi.getTaskActivityManager();
   ITask activeTask = activityManager.getActiveTask();
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i have updated my question –  Naveen Babu Nov 20 '12 at 4:46

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