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VS2010 professional, I am trying to compile a project that I downloaded I am getting this error:

Error   2   Cryptographic failure while signing assembly 
'E:\...\bsn.GoldParser.dll' -- 
'The key container name 'bsn' does not exist'

I don't care if it is signed or not. "Sign the assembly" is off in the project options and I have checked the .csproj file and SignAssembly is false. How do I get rid of this message?

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  1. Remove the line <KeyContainerName>bsn</KeyContainerName> from both bsn.GoldParser.Test.csproj and bsn.GoldParser.csproj by unloading the project and editing the project file
  2. remove the PublicKey part from the attribute in bsn.GoldParser\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs so it looks like this: [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("bsn.GoldParser.Test")]
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Have you checked your AssemblyInfo.cs file to ensure that you don't have an AssemblyKeyName attribute specified ?

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