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I want to create several javascript function that will be needed on different pages. Most will be relevant only to one page, but some to several. I know if I add general conversion functions, it would be a good idea to just create a new javascript file and put all these generic functions into that one file. Bringing me to my first question:

  • Where would you store the generic javascript file? In "protected"? Which subfolder?

Then, I need to address the placement of other javascript code.

  • If I have javascript that will only be used on one page, should I use this technique or should I stick to a similar approach as above?

The emphasis is on doing it correctly. I want to fall exactly in line with the yii framework.

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store your generic javascript file in your_app/js folder i.e js folder is at same level to protected. if js is only used on one page than it will be better not to use generic file.

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I actually ended up doing this --> weavora.com/blog/2011/11/24/… – coderama Nov 19 '12 at 13:26

The best way to have you generic js code into /js/ or similar named folder under root of your app code. Personally I would separate my custom code files into one other subdirectory /js/custom/ and /js/vendors/ where in this vendor folder you can put ready js code such as jquery plugins etc.

Also don't forget to set this path to config file like this:


   'clientScript' => array(

      'coreScriptUrl' => 'path/to/js/lib/dir',

      'enableJavaScript' => true,



where path/to/js/lib/dir is your final js folder name path

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