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I need to remove files with name file1 in a folder folder1

folder1 has file1[unix exec file] and file1[a folder].

If I use

find /pathto_folder -iname "file1" -delete

It deletes both, the file and the folder, How to make the script del only file?

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Try doing this :

find /pathto_folder -type f -iname "file1" -delete
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find /path/to/folder -name 'file1' -exec rm {} \;
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I guess it would be case-sensitive problem.

on linux/unix box, under same parent, you cannot create a directory and file with exactly same name. in your case, it could be

"file1" ->the file 
"File1" -> the dir

so just change the -iname to -name and give the right filename (e.g. file1) then try again.

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yes, well it was in the child folder, i realised after your comment. But the find function deletes everything, the file and the folder. –  umesh moghariya Nov 19 '12 at 11:19

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