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I have a cron job

                <cron-trigger-value>0/15 * * * * ?</cron-trigger-value>

Is it possible to put this cron expression (0/15 * * * * ?) in portal-ext.properties from liferay-portlet.xml? And how to retrive it here if it is? Thanks

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I have rencently investigated a little bit because i have a similar requirement. I found that this is not possible with the standard liferay, it seems you have to create your own QuartzTask. Maybe this links can help you: Liferay Board‌​, Dynamic Quartz Task –  Matthias G Nov 21 '12 at 14:22
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It is possible to add a key in portlet.properties file. We have implemented this.

portlet.properties: trigger.key=0 0/2 * * * ?

liferay-portlet.xml: use property-key instead of cron-trigger-value and specify "triger.key"

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