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This is the code to find the ceil and floor in BST. When I am trying to insert the data. every time the insert call goes to the first if condition. i.e. though I pass the pointer. The value is not being updated in the main function. can some one tell me why is it so?

using namespace std;

struct Node
   int key;
   struct Node* right;
   struct Node* left;

struct Node* newNode(int key) 
   struct Node* newNode = (struct Node*)malloc(sizeof(struct Node));
   newNode->right = NULL;
   newNode->left = NULL;
   newNode->key = key;
   return newNode;

void insert(struct Node** root,int key) {
    if((*root) == NULL){
      (*root)= newNode(key);
      cout<<"entered first if condition"<<endl;
    else if( (*root)->key <= key)
      insert (&((*root)->right),key);

int ceil( struct Node* root , int input) 
  if (root == NULL)
    return -1;
  if(root->key == input)
    return root->key;
  if(root->key < input)
    return ceil( root->right , input);
    int ceilnum = ceil(root->left, input);
    return (ceilnum >= input) ? ceilnum : root->key; 

int main() 
  int size, temp, ceilfor;
  struct Node* root = NULL;
  cout<< "size" << endl;
  cin >> size;
  for( int i = 0; i< size; i++)
    cin >> temp;
  cout<< root->key;
  cout<< root->left->key;
  cout << root->right->key;
  cout << "ceil for" << endl;
  cin >> ceilfor;
  cout<< ceil(root, ceilfor) <<endl;
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Can you please try to print out the value of root in both main and insert function? –  Heena Hussain Nov 19 '12 at 12:14

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It has to come to the first condition (either directly or indirectly through recursive calls).

The actual insertion happens only in the first if block and other blocks will recursively reach the first if block.

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