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How can I convert a list of strings (each of which represents a number, i.e. [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’]) into numeric values.

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map(int, ["1", "2", "3"])


[1, 2, 3]
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It should pointed out that map is a built in function that applies the function int to every element of your list. Then returns a list of the results of that function. – Andrew Cox Aug 28 '09 at 6:20
I keep forgeting that functional programming stuff like map exists, Thanks for reminding me of another nice way to modify lists. – Dan Goldsmith Aug 28 '09 at 6:28
This is homework. Why provide a full answer? Why not provide hints, a direction and -- above all -- a reference to the int function? – S.Lott Aug 28 '09 at 10:21
@S.Lott: It's been a while since I've had any homework. Man, what kind of school is that where the task is to look up a library function and have problems with doing it? BTW: I'll edit references to official docs. – Tadeusz A. Kadłubowski Aug 28 '09 at 10:40
@Andrew: it returns list of results only in py2k, in py3k it returns a generator that needs to be converted into list explicitly. – SilentGhost Aug 28 '09 at 11:01

Use int() and a list comprehensions:

>>> i = ['1', '2', '3']
>>> [int(k) for k in i]
[1, 2, 3]
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As Long as the strings are of the form '1' rather than 'one' then you can use the int() function.

Some sample code would be

strList = ['1','2','3']
numList = [int(x) for x in strList]

Or without the list comprehension

strList = ['1','2','3']
numList = []
for x in strList:

Both examples iterate through the list on strings and apply the int() function to the value.

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Like this:

map(int, ['1', '2', '3'])
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Try this method:

>>> int('5')
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map(lambda x: int(x),a)

> [1, 2, 3]
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