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How is it possible to match more than one string with regular expressions?

Here I want to match both name and txt, but only name is matched?

var reg = new RegExp('%([a-z]+)%', "g");
reg.exec('%name% some text %txt%');
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Ok, now both your answers return ["%name%", "%txt%"], but how to return only ["name", "txt"] ?? –  clarkk Nov 19 '12 at 11:57
Use the captured group instead of the whole match. –  Asad Nov 19 '12 at 12:09

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The g flag does work but needs to be executed on the same string multiple times

var reg = new RegExp('%([a-z]+)%', "g");
var str = '%name% some text %txt%';
var result;

while( result = reg.exec( str ) ) { // returns array of current match
    console.log( result[1] ); // index 0 is matched expression. Thereafter matched groups.

The above outputs name & txt to the console.

Example here

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You need to use String.match instead of exec:

'%name% some text %txt%'.match(reg);
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Use match instead:

'%name% %txt%'.match(reg); //["%name%", "%txt%"]

exec only retrieves the first match (albeit with capturing groups).

If the capturing groups are important to you, you can use a loop:

var matches = [];
var str = '%name% some text %txt%';
var reg = new RegExp('%([a-z]+)%', "g");
while (match = reg.exec(str)){

If you only want to keep the captured groups, use this instead:

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