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Is it possible to create an ECDSA key using the jdk 1.6 keytool?

I have tried with the -genkey command, but it doesnt seem to e supported.

Any ideas how I could resolve this?

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AFAIK Java 6 has some limited support ECDSA regarding to TLS however it does not include any ECDSA implementation - it can make use of a third party JCE like BouncyCastle. It may be possible to use keytool with BouncyCastle to generate ECDSA keys but I have never tried that.

I would suggest to update to Java 7. But even using Java 7 there seems to be some problems in the early versions. According to the bug entry 6870812 : enhance security tools to use ECC algorithms you have to use 1.7.0_07 or higher for ECC support.

Furthermore a related question here on Stackoverflow Java 7 keytool Elliptic Curve Encryption points out that you have to install the unlimited strength policy files for JCE to make use of ECC.

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