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If anyone has created Pulse News Style layout using UICollectionview please explain how to be done or if possible share the code.

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I have combined a UITableView and a UICollectionView to implement exactly this. However, I am unable to get cell selection working in the UICollectionView (which is a subview of a table view cell). I think this is a big barrier. –  John Cromartie Dec 7 '12 at 13:41

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Though its 2 years since you asked this question, for the benefit of other users here,I am just answering. I just made a BBC news app clone UI just to learn. It follows the Pulse style UI. I have used UITableView and each row is a UICollectionView. I am sure, the other way round could be done too. Here is a link to the complete UI. It has no backend, otherwise it is a complete App ready to go with dummy data. https://github.com/anilputtabuddhi/NewsAppUI

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