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My first question, so be gentle.. :)

I would like to get a certain PC located program to run (instead of iTunes) every time I connect my iPhone to my PC. specifically - iTools, which is kind of a substitute for iTunes.

From my research i got that it involves adding/manipulating some registry values (something like "ServicesAutoStartOnConnect") at this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows CE Services. When i look there, under Microsoft, there is no Windows CE Services sub folder.

I'm using win7 prof. and as mentioned, the device is my iPhone4 (with iOS6.0.1 on it).

Can anybody give me some organized steps to be taken in order to accomplish this?

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Not sure if you are aware of SuperUser.com. It is a site, much like this one, but caters more for the type of question you have asked here. For example, I did a search on 'iphone' + 'connect' + 'itunes' and found some possible helpers - SuperUser Search

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