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In drupal once a user authenticated session is started, and until that session is over, the user won't have to re-authenticate. But in my site users can re-authenticate. And there is no any error message. Does it possible to happen? And how can I check user has already logged and has session?

I tried to get all logged users but I am not shure it will work:

$result = db_query('SELECT u.uid, u.name FROM {sessions} s INNER JOIN {users} u ON u.uid = s.uid WHERE s.uid != 0')->fetch(); 
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will tell you if the current user is logged or not

another way would be to use global $user

global $user;
  print('logged in');
  print('logged out');

However this is not normal that a logged user can access user/login again. Drupal would normally redirect to the user's account page.

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