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I'm using VoiceOver in one of my Apps and want to make it more accessible to blind people.

When loading up a viewcontroller a scrollview is displayed with multiple textviews in there. I would like to automaticly select the first textview when opening up my viewcontroller. Is there a workaround for these needs?

I'm using a navigationcontroller and a tabbarcontroller. At the moment the voiceover selects the backbutton firstly but I would like to select another UI part.

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did you get a solution for UILabel s ? The accepted answer works well for a text view but not for a UILabel –  rahulg Apr 14 at 12:38

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A simple solution to automatically begin editing the first UITextView is to put this in the ViewDidLoad method:

[textView becomeFirstResponder];

Make sure you've setup your UITextView protocols and delegates and this should work.

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