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I'm having problems reading a message from myself using the chrome.socket API. I'm creating the socket as follows:

chrome.socket.create('udp', {}, function (_socketInfo) {
    socketInfo = _socketInfo;
    chrome.socket.connect(socketInfo.socketId, '', 12345, function () {

poll() simply does chrome.socket.read(socketInfo.socketId, ...) and calls itself at the end of the callback.

Elsewhere I have a call to chrome.socket.write(socketInfo.socketId, data, ...), and the parameter supplied to the callback suggests that all the bytes in data were successfully written. However, while the callback to chrome.socket.read is indeed being called, the parameter of the callback shows a negative error code, specifically -101.

When I connect to a simple UDP echo server at a remote address, I don't have any problems writing the message and getting it back intact.

Is it even possible to send a message to oneself at the same address like this?

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