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Sometimes all we have to work with manual input, not relying on Intellisense - with components, XML, other declarative things, strings, dynamic languages, scripts. Do you have some useful skills which minimize bugs invoked by manual input?

I don't mean coloring - it is more or less trivial and usually don't depend on programmer. But such things as don't use l or 1 in identificators or use not use autoreplace, or use particular sequence of actions to find mispelled string quickly - this i think may be useful.

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Ah, I get it -- 'mispelled' is a self-referencing word. – ilya n. Aug 31 '09 at 8:47

For editing XML, you definitely want to have a text editor that can point out sections that are not well-formed (as opposed to blind notepad editing).

An editor with good syntax coloring is also highly valuable.

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Attention to detail, aside from using your compiler of course.

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One good way to avoid human error is to limit overtime: exhausted people are less focused and make more errors.

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I use the compiler find these bugs.

What sort of techniques are you looking for?

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Don't be hasty. Think about what you're doing, and don't make typos.

To train yourself, I suggest notepad/nano(pico). Using those editors will force you to program correctly with only the power of your mind....not the crutch tools can become.

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Good testers, flexible schedule, vacations, good source control culture and responsible management hiring reponsible people?

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