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I am new in Sencha Touch, so I don't know it's full structure. So the question is a little stupid, i guess :)

I have a view it is a nestedlist object. I have created a toolar object inside my nestedlist. Now I want to manipulate this toolbar from another view's callback. How can I access my toolbar object located in nestedlist view from event callback from another view object?

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With that little information on your structure (are you using the MVC pattern? No example code given) I can only say that you can definitely achieve this with Ext.ComponentQuery

Lets say you added a custom property to your toolbar named ident='myToolbar' then you can access this toolbar (precisely said any toolbar with that custom property) by calling


The result will be always a array but in this example we accept only one result, that is why I added [0]

For further information refer to the API. Ext.ComponentQuery is mighty if you know how to use it.

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@Tracker I noticed an typo in the query example. Now it should work a expected. – sra Nov 19 '12 at 13:54

First give your toolbar an id, for example myToolbar. Then, in your callback, you can do something like this

var toolbar = Ext.getCmp('myToolbar');

to get your toolbar object. Next you can manipulate the toolbar using the toolbar variable, for example change the title:

toolbar.setTitle('New Title');

More info about getCmp() here.

More info about the toolbar here (Check the toolbar's methods to manipulate it).

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This is bad especially for one who is just starting Sencha Touch or ExtJS. It can lead to duplicate id's which lead to various errors. – sra Nov 19 '12 at 15:06

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