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Using ruby selenium-webdirver, I want to check whether input element is editable or not. To check this, in IDE, we've selenium command - verifyEditable. In Ruby, is there any way(method), we verify whether element is editable?

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Have you tried $driver.find_element(:id, "elementID").enabled?? This works as long as you're only checking on an element that you know to be an input field.

In my tests, I just declare a method in the same class/module that hosts the browser control:

def element_enabled?(how, what)
  if $driver.find_element(how, what).displayed? && $driver.find_element(how, what).enabled? then
rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchElementError

And then you can just use the method with:

element_enabled?(:id, "elementID")

Having the foo.displayed? && foo.enabled? prevents your script from running into errors if the element you're trying to enter input into isn't currently visible.

Including the rescue command just makes the method return false if you've asked for an element that does not exist on the page. If you leave out the rescue block, your script will exit and return the Selenium error message complaining that the element does not exist. My preference is to always get a true or false instead (like with verifyEditable), but you may find that you want your script to exit with an error if the element isn't present (like with assertEditable).

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disabled = find('input_id')['disabled']
disabled.should_not == 'disabled'
disabled.should_not == 'true' # just to be safe

or with selenium driver you can just go ahead fill it in with some value

fill_in 'input_id_or_label', with: "some input value"

If the field is disabled selenium will complain (but some headless driver would not, for example capybara-webkit):

 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::InvalidElementStateError: Element is disabled and so may not be used for actions

However I don't think it's a good idea to use selenium to perform such view test -- it's slow and can be flaky, and results may differ from driver to driver. If the view is rendered with input disabled by default, a view test should do the job; otherwise if it's some javascript that disables the input it should be a simple jasmine/mocha javascript test.

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