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It should be hands-on, complete, targeted to programmers and detailed on layout techniques!

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Check out www.css-tricks.com. They have excellent screen casts.

Another place to check out is the various web design podcasts. Go to iTunes and search the podcasts and you will probably find a few to check out.

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Here are a few that you might like to consider:

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Are you looking for a free screen cast? If not, Eric Meyer (one of the gods of web standards) has a video called CSS Web Design which will tell you everything you need to be fluent with CSS.

It also covers some advanced CSS techniques like Sliding Doors. He also goes and refactors some HTML on some well known websites to take advantage of CSS.

If you are a fast learner, W3School's CSS section has more than enough information to get you started. CSS is actually very easy to learn.

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