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I'm trying to find some interesting data when comparing the extension, add-on, lists of the open-source browsers Firefox and Chromium.
What I'm interested in is the multi-homing extensions (extensions that are available on both the browser lists).
But when browsing on the Chromium extension list I found out that it was the same list as the one from Chrome.
-Can I use every extension on Chrome also on Chromium?
-If not, where can I find a list on what extensions I can use on Chromium?.

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[AskUbuntu addressed your question properly.][1] [1]: askubuntu.com/a/6257/9480 –  f.ardelian Apr 4 '13 at 6:59

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Yes, the Chrome and Chromium codebases are basically identical (besides some ancillary functionality like auto-updates). Chrome is just a branded version of Chromium, so all the same extensions will work in both.

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