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My Clearcase Version: 7.1.0 .

My os is windows 7, after I installed Clearcase. I couldn't create a dynamic view by using Create View.And I found that when i start clearcase service from control panel, there is only two service.

Is there any ways to correct this problem except to download a higher version.

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ClearCase 7.1.2 is deployed on our Windows 7 at work.

However, when I see that there is only two services, that means MVFS (which is a device, not a driver) has failed to install properly.

The usual fix is to uninstall and reinstall ClearCase.
But there is no guarantee for 7.1.0.

The OP adds:

I have reinstall it three times, but the problem still exists

That confirms 7.1.0 is not supported (at least for the dynamic views part) on Windows 7.
As "System Requirements for ClearCase 7.1.x" confirms, Windows7 SP1 actually needs at minimum.
And even then, you can have some issue: " PM54437: Windows 7 64bit MVFS clients flood albd_server of the View Server host with ALBD_FIND_SERVER RPCs" (which needs

So getting the latest 7.1.x is recommended.

In your case though, since it isn't possible to get a version above 7.1.0, you can try and install a Virtual PC Windows Xp on your Windows 7.

Microsoft Virtual PC for Windows (formerly Connectix Virtual PC) is a client based software virtualization application that allows simultaneous operating systems to run on a single PC.
Each virtual machine emulates a complete hardware system—from processor to network card—in a self-contained, isolated software environment, enabling the simultaneous operation of otherwise incompatible systems.

ClearCase does support Virtual PC.

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Thanks for your anwser, I have reinstall it three times, but the problem still exists. – Tony Nov 19 '12 at 13:24
@Tony so 7.1.0 is not supported, then. W7 Sp1 actually need – VonC Nov 19 '12 at 13:24
@Tony I have edited my answer to propose the only alternative I can think of. If that isn't possible... then you won't have dynamic views with only a 7.1.0 on Windows 7. – VonC Nov 19 '12 at 13:45
Thanks very much!! – Tony Nov 19 '12 at 14:12

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