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I have tried asking this question in a number of ways, and I still can't get an answer. In Asp.net MVC4, is there a way I can just add jquery code to my views and not have to add any kind of annotation to a model to validate my form input? I just realized that I am using Ajax.BeginForm... I am betting that I cannot using regular Jquery Ajax calls with that on my form. I bet if I use HTML.beginForm, regular jquery will work. But now that will break my ajax calls... Which were failing for some reason. Well, I am about to find out why. Hopefully I can figure out how to just avoid using all Asp.net Ajax crap. It has given me nothing but a massive headache. Oh wait, you know what, I just looked at another view, and there I am using Html.BeginForm and I still can't use plain jquery code in my views to validate my form. Is this even possible in MVC4?

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of course this is possible - ASP.NET MVC just emits HTML yes? so just add some jquery validate code to the document ready.

 $('#myform').validate(/* options here */);
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