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I have modified and edited some project files in a folder targeted at a windows 32 build and made the project build for a different target. I then copied that folder and renamed it, but I would like the files in the depo to not suffer any modifications for the windows 32 folder.

How can I discard the changes made to the windows 32 folder and substitute the files with the working, depo version?

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From the command line, the following should work:

c:\my\root\source\dir> p4 revert windows32/...
c:\my\root\source\dir> p4 sync windows32/...#none
c:\my\root\source\dir> rd /s/q windows32
c:\my\root\source\dir> p4 sync windows32/...

I usually remove the directory (hence the rd) to catch any files that were mistaken added to the source directory but not the repo. The revert is not necessary unless there are files in edit mode in the windows subdirectory. I usually revert everything just to be safe. If you get an errors on the sync windows32/...#none line, then try replacing #none with #0 instead.

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Thanks, this is the working formula.. –  teodron Nov 19 '12 at 13:33

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