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I have a cost attribute for my product model and its type is float and everything works well. When creating a new product, a user can enter 0 or leave blank for a free product or enter the cost when its a paid product and so far that also works well

Now i am trying to scope free items, but since float is returning NIL for empty fields and i cannot return nil fields.

i tried

scope :free, where("cost IS NULL or cost < ?", 1 )

and it doesn't return fields that are blank (NIL) but fields with 0 only but i want to return both blank (NIL) fields and 0 fields. I know float fields in rails 3 return nil instead of null

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Try this:

scope :free, where(:cost => [nil,0] )
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What I would instead is setting the cost column to 0 in case the cost field was left blank. It will spare you nil handling and make your code more consistent.

To do that just apply a before_create callback on your Product model:

before_create :set_cost

def set_cost
  self.cost = 0 if self.cost.blank?

Then just apply a migration to turn all NULL cost products to 0 cost products.

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+1, only because the OP specifically said blank and zero mean the same thing. – hometoast Nov 19 '12 at 14:17
Yes, using null as an alternative way of saying "free" is incorrect. – David Aldridge Nov 19 '12 at 14:30

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