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I'm using Flask with Blueprints to get a skeleton for my website and I'm having a problem using configuration classes deep in my application.

Here's some dummy code that explains how I've set everything up:


class Config(object):

class ProductionConfig(Config):
  DEBUG = False

class DevelopmentConfig(Config):
  DEBUG = True

website/__ init __.py:

# Some app code and config loading
app = Flask('website')

# Import some random blueprint
from website import users

# This works:
# print app.config['DEBUG']

website/users/__ init __.py:

from flask import Blueprint
from website.users.models import test
api = Blueprint('users', __name__, url_prefix='/users')

# This works:
# print api.config['DEBUG']

# From models
print test()


# How can I reach the config variables here?
def test():
    # I want config['DEBUG'] here

How can I reach the configuration variables stored in the class I load in app.py deep inside the users package?

Is a circular import like from website import app (inside models.py) an accepted solution?

If not, is there some simple solution I've missed?

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I believe you can use flask's current_app idiom for that.


from flask import current_app

def test():
  return current_app.config.get('some_config_value')
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I'm going to accept this answer. It's not exactly what I wanted but with some refactoring it actually does the job. I'll have to work with app.test_request_context() outside of the application but yeah, it will have to do. Thanks alot! =) –  moodh Nov 19 '12 at 23:06
@moodh what solution did you end up with? This is something that I'm struggling with as well. –  ceolwulf May 11 '13 at 3:18
@ceolwulf: I made the configuration module useable without flask as well so I simply use from config import get_config and call config = get_config() every time I need it :) –  moodh May 11 '13 at 12:22
Ah, I see. Thanks! –  ceolwulf May 14 '13 at 14:46
Rachel thank you so much, with your help I didn't need to create a complicated solutions –  technology_dreamer May 10 at 1:09

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