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In Twitter Bootstrap,I used span5 and span7 in a row.When I re-size the browser to mobile layout,the span5 stays on top and the span7 goes below span5. I want the span7 to stay on top and span5 to go below it.

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance

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show some code... –  Lukas Nov 19 '12 at 14:13

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In order to achieve something like this, you'll need to manipulate your DOM structure a bit. I would first recommend trying to "hack" the page structure if at all possible. By this I mean; would it be possible to put the span7 first in the DOM, then float the span7 right and the span5 left? That would allow you to show them in the correct order at any screen size, and you could fix the floats using a media query at the desired size.

Otherwise, this sounds like a job for jQuery. jQuery would allow you to manipulate DOM elements on the fly, you could easily write a script which at a certain window width juggles the DOM position of two elements.

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Reverse their order in the DOM tree to have:

<div class="span7"></div>
<div class="span5"></div>

... and then set float: right for both span5 and span7. You can use a specific CSS class name for that.

This way, on larger displays you'll have span5 to the left and span7 to the right, and on mobiles span7 above and span5 bellow.

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