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In my application i use AddressChooserTask to get a contact details

        AddressChooserTask m_AddressChooserTask = new AddressChooserTask();
        m_AddressChooserTask.Completed += new EventHandler<AddressResult>(OnAddressChooserTaskCampleted);

but every time i have an error in my eventhandler

        void OnAddressChooserTaskCampleted(object sender, AddressResult e)

        if (e.TaskResult == TaskResult.OK)
            m_ContactRec.m_Name = e.DisplayName.ToString(); 

        if (m_ContactRec.m_Name != null)
            Contacts m_contacts = new Contacts();
            m_contacts.SearchCompleted += new EventHandler<ContactsSearchEventArgs>(OnContactsSearchCompleted);               
            m_contacts.SearchAsync(m_ContactRec.m_Name, FilterKind.DisplayName, null);



enter image description here

the debugger is stoping here m_contacts.SearchAsync.i am little bit confused, this event cleary is in the UI thread, can you tell me what am i doing wrong?

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Have you added

      <Capability Name="ID_CAP_CONTACTS"/>

to WMAppManifest.xml?

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thank you mate, right now i feel so stupid – See Sharp Nov 19 '12 at 14:11

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