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I am writing some C code using the LLVM C api. I need to check if an instruction value is of type int or is a pointer. What I have tried to do is use LLVMTypeOf(LLVMValueRef val) and just see if it equals ALL of the different types of int: LLVMInt1Type(), LLVMInt8Type(), LLVMInt16Type(), etc. I did not know how to figure out if it is a pointer type or not though and I think the method I was using to see if it was a integer is not working either.

Here is the API I have been referencing: http://llvm.org/doxygen/modules.html

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The C API is very limited.

I think you have to use C++ API or wrap the C++ API to C API by yourself.

For example,

extern "C" int LLVMTypeIsPointerTy(LLVMTypeRef ty){
      return ((llvm::Type*)ty)->isPointerTy();
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