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I want to display a drop down menu when a user clicks a button. Something like comboBox but instead of the comboBox its a button. How can I do it??

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I solved it using PopupMenu. Here is the code for other's reference.

    public static Rect GetElementRect(FrameworkElement element)
        GeneralTransform buttonTransform = element.TransformToVisual(null);
        Point point = buttonTransform.TransformPoint(new Point());
        return new Rect(point, new Size(element.ActualWidth, element.ActualHeight));

    private async void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        var menu = new PopupMenu();
        menu.Commands.Add(new UICommand("Label", (command) =>
            //do work

        // We don't want to obscure content, so pass in a rectangle representing the sender of the context menu event.
        // We registered command callbacks; no need to handle the menu completion event
        var chosenCommand = await menu.ShowForSelectionAsync(GetElementRect((FrameworkElement)sender));
        if (chosenCommand == null) // The command is null if no command was invoked.

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You'll need to create a custom control or a user control that combines a button and a popup. You could also just implement this in-place with a button and popup. I suggest you look at Callisto's Menu control and start from there to implement your dropdown menu: Callisto controls (includes a Menu)

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