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I'm trying to run a php project on linux with virtual box and Cent OS server , but not the whole page is echoing !! The project is working on windows with wamp server successfully ! I faced same issues before and it was a privileges problem , These two command lines were helpful :

chmod -R a+rw *
chown -R apche:apache *

but this time it's not working and it's driving me crazy !! what's the problem ?

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Have you looked at your server's error logs? Do you have PHP error reporting enabled (a recommended development/debugging value is -1)? – ScoPi Nov 19 '12 at 14:26
see your error_logs + check that paths you use (for example to include), note windows c:\smth\smth\file; linux /smt/smt/file; . i suggest make a homogeneous (in OS installation and settings and hardware) development environment, especially the server part. – Nikola Nov 19 '12 at 14:30
yes , it's working now , thanks :D – SafeY Nov 19 '12 at 14:41

Have you used the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant for paths in your application? Because in Linux the path separator is /, in Windows, it is either \ or / and it might broke you application.

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