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Is there a way to implement the google traffic prediction described in the link, with the maps api? maps traffic prediction

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No. Here's the API documentation:

Traffic prediction is not part of the API. It is included in Google Maps (their own, not others' maps via the API), so it will be possible to use undocumented calls to get the data. But they don't like people doing that and it could have unintended consequences.

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This was the correct answer in 2012. In 2016 the situation changed... – Wouter van Nifterick Apr 22 at 7:39
@W Yes: it happens. Have an upvote. – Andrew Leach Apr 22 at 7:49

the question and the accepted answer are from 2012.

Since October 2015 it IS possible to get routes and predicted travel times for future trips.

You can supply departure_time with your route plan request. Note that this feature only works if you connect using an API key.

It's based on historical data, and when the trip is in the near future, it uses live traffic data.

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