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I'm trying to create a query that bring me some node that have the exact match with a set of nodes. In this case I wanna bring experiences that have tags, for example, what experiences have tags: "food" AND "nightlife" AND "culture".

My query is "working", but bringing the result using OR instead of AND. How can I fix it?

I'm not sure if I'm using de correct approach of the

@Query("START experience = node:__types__(className=\"...\"), tags = node({0}) " +
  "WHERE experience-[:TAGGED]->tags " +
  "RETURN experience")
public Set<Experience> findExperiencesByTags(Set<Long> tagIds);

I'm using Spring Data 2.0.1 and neo4j 1.6.3.

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try to divide it into 3 separate MATCH phrases:

"MATCH experience-[:TAGGED]->tags1, experience-[:TAGGED]->tags2,  experience-[:TAGGED]->tags3, " +
"WHERE tags1.tag='food' AND tags2.tag='culture' AND tags3.tag='nightlife' "
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I'm trying to do something more generic. I receive a set of tag IDs like parameter of this method and I must use these to create my "where" clause... – Flavio Alves Nov 19 '12 at 15:54
oh, i see now. can't you just simply divide the input tags set into separate definitions? instead of "tags = node({0})" try to parse the input tags array first into separate starting nodes - tag1=node({tagIds[0]}), tag2=node({tagIds[1]}), tag3=node({tagIds[2]}), ... until end of tagIds. than match the nodes as i wrote above (without the where/and clause). – ulkas Nov 20 '12 at 7:53
I created a dinamic query follow the @ulkas suggestion and it works! – Flavio Alves Nov 26 '12 at 12:55

I agree with @ulkas

If you really want to pass in an arbitrary number of tags you can try this, but it will probably perform not as good as the explicit matches.

START tags = node({0}) 
MATCH experience-[:TAGGED]->tags
WITH experience, count(*) as cnt
WHERE cnt = length({0})
RETURN experience
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